The universe and all its life forms are too complex in order for them to be random. You never could understand the belief that a one and only great God could have created it all, and even less probable it seemed that he could think and see all of creation.

When you heard about infinitology as a young child you immediately knew that you wanted to learn more, and then spread that knowledge to those who would listen. Today you wish to see as much as the universe as possible. Someday you want to stare beyond the black rim and its secrets.

You want to take part in those experiences that you think will enrich your life and always wished to examine and investigate strange occurrences that might bring you more knowledge of the Great Stream. You know that the infinite doesn’t have a greater plan, it only reacts and you’re a part of seeing to that mankind won’t condemn itself by upsetting the harmony. The most important thing is that mankind one day will be able to join the Life of All.

Arbiters are the pilgrims of The Church of Infinitology. They go wherever the church tells them. They can be sent out to give aid to the needing, preside over funerals, establish orders or act as envoys in church business. In many cases they’re also sent to investigate VPS, CAV and alien artifacts as these are all part of the infinite and has to be understood before mankind can find its place within the Great Stream.

Bonus Features

  • Scholarly: Arbiters are well versed in Void Lore. They might forget a detail or two at times but they would never be dead wrong. An arbiter can never botch a Void Lore roll because of their astuteness and they also get a +1 to all Void Lore rolls.
  • True Believer: Due to their strong beliefs they get a +1 to all Cool rolls when it comes to resist the Cold (fear) and the Dark and they can never botch these rolls.
  • Bless Endeavor: See Infinitology. 

Important Aptitudes: Attention, Clout, Reaction

Abilities: Athletics, Close Combat, Fast Talk, First Aid*, Navigation, Politics, Rhetoric*, Void Lore**, Xenoarcheology

Typical Variations

True Arbiter: You are sent out to act as a neutral presence and mediator between conflicting sides. Your presence is valued and your words have weight. It’s a heavy responsibility and you always have to tread lightly.
Wanderer: You travel without a goal, only wishing to let the universe show you what it wishes. As a true hitchhiker of the stars, you wish to accumulate as much knowledge as you can.
Sheppard: You work actively teaching your faith and providing counsel to those who need it onboard a ship or settlement where your religion is somewhat established.
Spending Credits: 1000
Start-Up Credits: 500 + 3D x 100 Credits


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