For hundreds of years mankind has known that there are other sentient beings out there. The Gerions live among us and the Rippers have become a dangerous part of the lives of men. Your call in life is to puzzle together the remnants of old civilizations, or groups, both human and alien. The ancient alien relics that have been found fascinates you and points to the existence of an ancient race that was even more evolved and advanced than the Gerions.

The mystery of the universe just waits to unfold. There’s a strangeness to it all, an eeriness that scares and intrigues you. Somehow you have felt the weight of it strengthen your will. Archeology is a discipline that holds a lot of power and prestige. Archeologists travel all over the universe in order to search for alien artifacts and relics.

Many have started up fractured businesses and work for the highest bidder, accompanying mining crews and prospectors. There’s a lot of money to be made, but it’s a game of chance and sponsoring is needed. There are rumors of artifacts of untold power and vast knowledge that must be unearthed.

Bonus Features

  • Strong Mind: All interval levels of Black Resonance are counted as one less.
  • Knowledgeable: +1 to all Xenoarcheology rolls and can never botch these.
  • Favorably Inclined: An archeologist will always buy/sell artifacts for 20% less/more to his favor.

Important Aptitudes: Attention, Brains, Gut Feeling.
Abilities: Driving, Piloting, Scanners*, Science, Search, Xenoarcheology**, Xenomorphology*

Typical Variations

  • Artifact Dealer: You engage in the highly illegal but profitable activity of smuggling artifacts from forbidden systems. You have to be very careful as you meet and work with a lot of dangerous people.
  • Evaluator: You’re sent out to finds in order to determine if it will be worth your employer to invest in a certain dig. It’s a cutthroat business and some people are ready to walk over your dead body to keep a claim.
  • DoX 1 Researcher: As an employee of the GIC you follow protocol and see to it that illegal artifacts are restored to the GIC and that digs are legal. You also head up and discover many sites.
  • Explorer: Credits, fame, you don’t care. You take the odd paid job just to finance your trips but the true payoff is the rush of making a new find! At times you work within the law but at other times you don’t. Whatever the exploration requires.

Spending Credits: 4000
Start-Up Credits: 1000 + 1D x 200 Credits


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