Rippers are filthy fucking vermin, roaches that by a fluke of nature grew bigger and a bit smarter than their smaller relatives. When you saw your first GIC Marine Corps infomercial on the circuit at the age of six you knew you wanted to join. “GIC- Marine Corps, Been Killing Since We Were Born”. The slogan stuck with you.

You joined when you were eighteen and after three years of training, you were sent on your first mission: Clearing a colony from Rippers, retrieve GIC research data and rescue any survivors. The battle was fierce, you even got wounded, but nothing could beat the rush. Since then you’ve kept going from mission to mission. You like the feeling, the feeling of being part of something bigger and making a difference. Mankind needs a line of defense that takes on the Ripper menace head on. And you’re it.

The Marines are the toughest hombres around and they know it. Marines are one of the few humans that ever come face to face with a Ripper, or a horde of cavers, and have the job of standing their ground in order to take them down. They get six weeks a year off and their contracts run for six years, not counting stasis sleep. Wherever the GIC points out danger the Marines go. Often they get dropped smack down in the middle of a shitstorm. And in most cases…they love it.

Bonus Features

  • Tough as Hell: They get a +1 modifier to withstand death, permanent damage and unconsciousness when subjected to critical hits and the target number is set at 6 instead of the standard 7.
  • Weapon Expert: Can never botch a Shooting roll and they gain +1 to them.
  • Scanning Specialty: Marines get +1 to the Ability Scanners when they use movement trackers.

Important Aptitudes: Attention, Brawn, Cool.
Abilities: Athletics, Close Combat*, Driving, Explosives, First Aid, Scanners, Shooting**, Stealth, Strategy*.

Typical Variations
Lifer: The Corps is your life and you have nothing else. Killing Rippers is a must and you’re put in this universe to kick ass. Your squad is your family and being on your way to the next LZ is one of the best things you know.
Soldier of Fortune: When your contract was up you realized that if you were going
to bleed you would prefer to get paid a whole lot more. As a SoF you might be part of an outfit for hire, take on illegal one man jobs or work as the source of violence on a freelance ship.
Retired Veteran: You have had your shares of battles and seen things no man should be forced to survive. Now you work with a freelance crew, acting as their muscle. Your looks and attitude is enough to fend off most troublemakers but those who do want to mix it up seldom live to regret it.

Spending Credits: 3000
Start-Up Credits: 1200 + 1D x 400


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