Mining and planet harvesting. These make the universe go around. Early on you wanted to be a prospector. You find the fat veins of ore and the hot pulsating cores and get a fat prospector’s fee for your trouble. The actual mining is a dirty business and you’re happy to leave that to the dig crews. You prospect, survey and often oversee the installment of the main mining colony and then you move on to the next job. You meet a lot of people and have seen some strange worlds in your line of work. Ripper attacks, strange artifacts, and actual warzones is all part of the job
when working far beyond the traveled lanes on the fringe.

The art of prospecting is a highly valued skill. There are thousands of prospectors but only
a handful of really intuitive and good ones. Prospectors work and spend most of their time in
really dangerous environments. They handle power tools, explosives and investigate unstable cavern systems and drill deep down into planetary crusts. All this dangerous work is often done months away from backup and without a chance of getting a message through to the employers, or anyone else for that matter, with any expediency. A lot of things can go wrong on the fringe, and only by keeping cool can a prospector survive.

Bonus Features
Always Calm: Due to being used to the worst of circumstances, all prospectors get a +1 modifier when trying to withstand environmental circumstance stress and Cold.
Improvised Weapons: They get +1 on attack rolls when using handheld mining power tools as weapons and are exempt from the penalty some of these impose when used as weapons. 

Geologist: They gain +1 to Know-How when using it to prospect and evaluate finds and can never botch these rolls.
Important Aptitudes: Attention, Cool, Reaction.
Abilities: Athletics, Know-how**, Explosives, First Aid, Repairs*, Scanners*, Search, Xenoarcheology.

Typical Variations
Mining Operator: The job is to establish the basic colony parameters and decide the first initial dig sites. You go in with a crew and set up shop. After the main survey team has done its job it’s down to you to do the fine calibration and find the fat veins. When all is operational you go on
to the next job.
Habitat Evaluator: There are many worlds out there that are quite liveable, those where water, vegetation and animals are found have been terraformed by humans but left and forgotten for some reason. Your job is to find these worlds and explore them. Is it suited for a mining operation, settlement or other endeavours?
Survey Specialist: Your job is the most basic but vital one. You get sent to a part of space and told to survey a planet. You have to go down to the surface, take samples and research and investigate them onboard your ship. The findings will act as a basis for your employers and will decide if they will start up an enterprise or not on the planet.
Spending Credits: 2200
Start-Up Credits: 1000 + 1D x 100

Note: Mine/planet harvesting prospecting is such a slim Ability that it hasn’t been included in the actual Ability set. When making rolls in order to survey a prospector uses his Know-How.


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