Denizens of the Sirius Galaxy

Denizens of the Sirius Galaxy

Arbiter: Arbiters are the pilgrims of The Church of Infinitology.

Archeologist: Archeologists travel the universe searching for alien artifacts and relics.

Commanding Officer: Commanding Officers are the leaders of the military forces.

Circuit Breaker:  Circuit Breakers, or Breakers, are computer wizards of the highest order.

Delegate: Delegates are the operatives and dealmakers of the corporate world. 

Gear Jammer: Gearjammers are deep space salvagers.

Kiru: Kiru are professional bodyguards specialized in close combat.

LED-OfficerLED-officers are paramilitary police of all GIC colonies, outposts, and travel lanes.

Legionnaire: The Legionnaire, or lego,  are soldier of fortunes. 

Marine: Marines are elite operators who form the first line against threats to mankind.

Medical Technician: Medical technicians are experts delivering emergency medicine in hotspots.

Mercs: Mercs fill the void between the LED and the needs for paid justice.

Operative: Operatives perform intelligence collection and black ops for the ISA and others.

Pilot: Pilots range from hot shot military stick jockeys to massive cargo hauler drivers.

Prospector: Prospectors are highly skilled experts in locating and extracting rare minerals.

Raiders: Raiders earn their living from piracy and smuggling, sometimes in the employ of others.

Science Researcher: Science Researchers are scientists who specialize in fieldwork.

Scout: Scouts are specially trained and equipped experts in stealth, perception, and sniping. 

Site Engineer: Site Engineers are experts in applying science and technology to solve problems.

Syndicator: Syndicators use knowledge and connections to put together shady deals and jobs.


Denizens of the Sirius Galaxy

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